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Packing List
Vision And Mission

We - OMAR ELMAS CO. - are both producer and exporter of dried industrial type apricots of Malatya origin.That is why we claim our products to be one of the best sun dried whole pitted apricots in the world. At the same time this is the reason why our company guarantees our products before and after selling it to you!

Omar Elmas Co. was founded in 1987 in Malatya,Turkey. Since that time our company has become one of the leading and best satisfying sun dried whole pitted apricots firms not only in Turkey but also in the world. To make our products we start to work from apricot orchards, as we have a very big orchard which is not certainly enough to supply all demand for apricots. That is why we also choose the best apricots for you from the neighboring orchards. We have a facility to make the product satisfying for work with machines and with human labor.

We package the goods under our emblem and ship them from MERSIN or ISTANBUL ports. Goods can packaged in 4,75 kg net - 5 kg gross or 7 kg net 7,4 kg gross or 12,5 kg net - 13 kg gross or 12,7 kg net-13,2 kg gross packages.

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